Features of a Good Website

Everyone wants to have a good website but it’s not as easy as just having good content.  Your website has to engage your visitors mentally while being technically up to snuff at the same time.  After a recent discussion with Anand Mishra, CEO of Star Infranet, I checked myself and found that not only slow websites are annoying and new visitors are less likely to come back but also slow loading websites will cause your website's PA/DA, trust factor to fall in google's algorithm.  Here are a few areas your websites need to focus on in order to give your visitors a pleasurable experience.


Your website needs to accommodate all devices that can browse the Internet.  If your site is slow on a tablet or mobile phone the chances of people returning are significantly lowered.  It’s worth it to invest in a responsive theme or a skilled web designer that can adjust your website.

Fast loading speeds

Web speed is crucial to being perceived as a good website.  Long wait times are annoying, especially if your visitors are coming from Google where they can just quickly hit the back button and try another site.  Make sure you invest in a good hosting company and take good care of your website to keep it running fast.

Easy to navigate

Everything on your website should be easy to do.  It should be obvious how to browse your website and everything should be clearly labeled.  Use matching colors and stay away from harsh color contrasts.

No excessive pop ups

Everyone wants more email leads or ad revenue but pop-ups are not the way to go about it.  While they can be effective some of the time, they are guaranteed to be annoying 100% of the time, you have to decide if it’s worth your relationship with your visitors to use pop up ads. 

Provides value to visitors

Your website should make your visitors feel happy that they came across your website.  Offering useful information and being of value to your audience are great ways to build a connection with your visitors.  You can find questions that your audience has by looking at comment sections or forums relevant to your niche.  Try and construct your website they how you enjoy visiting websites. 

Remember to try and construct your website the way how you would like to visit a website.  You probably don’t want to see bright flashing colors or tons of popup asking you for your email.  Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and make sure your website is able to give them a pleasant experience.